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Haus Gables, a new groundup residential project designed and developed by architectural designer Jennifer onner, director of MALL, has recently completed construction in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.

For this single-family home adjacent to the Atlanta Beltline, a cluster of six gable roofs are combined to form a single roof. In an attempt to rework spatial paradigms of the past, such as Le Corbusier’s free plan and Aldof Loos’s raumplan, Bonner offers the roof plan as a way to organize architecture. Here, the roof plan establishes rooms, catwalks, and double height spaces in the interior by aligning these spaces to ridges and valleys in the roof above. In this case, the floorplan is a result of the roof.

All exterior and interior walls, floors, and roof are made of solid Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, a material widely used in construction overseas but is new to the US market. Custom cut, hoisted into place, and assembled in fourteen days’ time, the CLT in Haus Gables enables a solid house that eschews stick frame construction. Structurally inventive, the panels also promote a monolithic view of the material from the domestic interior.




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The 2,200squarefoot home is one of only two residences in the country made of cross laminated timber (CLT), an exceptionally strong wood material produced by gluing together layers of lumber that alternate in direction.

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