Skonnertveien Hageby

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An urban
residential district
in the town centre

Skonnertveien Hageby is a residential project of fering urban housing in a quiet and sunny setting in the central part of the town of Grimstad, Norway. The project has been a great success, and almost all the apartments were quickly sold to an awaiting public.

This project is the first of its size in the southern region of Norway to be constructed mainly in CLT. It was built in 4 construction stages; stages 1 & 2 were built simultaneously, and the first new apartment owners could move in early December 2017. Stages 1 & 2 covered 35 apartments and were followed by an additional 24 in stages 3 & 4. The buildings are constructed on a concrete basement containing parking facilities and storage rooms for all apartments. On top of the concrete slab, 3 floors are built up from CLT panels.

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This project was my first encounter with CLT back in 2015, and what an experience! Love at first sight. Working with the CLT -possibilities is really like a dream-come-true. Lovely lively material which enables clean-cut, honest design, with no worries of on-site misunderstandings of construction or design. The builders work in a healthy work-environment, with no pollutants from the building material or stressful building site-noise, as opposed to working with steel and concrete for instance. They all express their utmost contentment, and builders from other building sites has continuously applied to be transferred to our site. That says a lot for CLT in my opinion.

Architect MA Siv. Ark. Gunn Torill Rike Johansen | BG M Arkitekter AS

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