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Massivtre as is a company established in 2016. Our main office is in the southern part of Norway, but we also have an office in Oslo. We have a strong commitment to the projects we deliver and have accumulated good experience over the years! For us, all projects are equally important and we want to provide the best service for all customers!


We are fortunate to have dedicated skilled staff with great interest in wood constructions. Bim technician, project managers, technical drafters and construction designers.

Tor Øystein Osa Michalsen, Founder and CEO | T. 0047 40403057

Dagfinn Urfjell, Project manager | T. 0047 90022449

Carsten Hovind, Project manager (Oslo office ) | T. 0047 99699196

Andreas Daaland, Bim technician T. 0047 94050676

Knut Terje Kollen, Technical drafter | T. 0047 40458920

Kai Hågensen Jensen, Construction designer | T. 0047 98442195

Christian Øien Danielsen, Calculator/Coordinator | T. 0047 45973106


For many years we have gained expertise and experience in using CLT in large and small projects. We can also contribute in projects with tips to guidance for related products.

  • Construction concepts for the use of CLT projects
  • Calculations and sizing
  • Optimization of solutions for the use of CLT
  • Delivery and project follow-up
  • Assembly of projects


Nygata 3
4876 Grimstad

+47 404 03 057

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Haus G.

Case unifamiliari

Haus C.

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