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Three Buildings – One Concept

When you approach the day nursery, the central design idea has a very special impact. Visitors are welcomed by three saddle-roofed buildings of different sizes, which form a small courtyard. The two-storey entrance hall is like a room in a home, and allows the house structure to be experienced spatially from the inside.


A “street” leads from the hall to the group clusters. Small “squares” lie along this street, in front of the group rooms, each in a different colour so each group has a distinct address. Portholes of various sizes allow views into and out of the group areas and the two-storey corridor playing area. At the end of the “street” there is a larger square, the children’s cafeteria with its own cooking area. The six group clusters have identical floor plans: main room, adjoining room, play house, play corner and sanitary facilities. The clusters are thus flexible in their use for the three different age groups in the day-care centre.


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Successful architecture arises in a dialogue of the par ties involved. Our objective in this respect is to build in a sustainable, formal, functional and ecological way. We therefore develop our buildings based on the prevailing conditions. The location and its history are just as important to us as the purpose of the buildings and the people for whom we build. In order for this complex process, with its many players and conditions, to result in good architecture, it is necessary to have a trusted agent at the centre of proceedings. With nearly 30 years’ experience as architects, we consider ourselves to be exactly that trusted agent.

Dr. Martin Riehl | Architekturbüro Hirner und Riehl

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