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KLH® Worker controlling the cross-laminated timber tiles

Technical Details

Product name / Brand KLH®
Other Product Names Cross-laminated timber (CLT) | X-Lam
Application Structural elements for walls, floors and roofs
Durability Service classes 1 and 2 according to EN 1995-1-1
Wood Species Spruce (pine, fir, stone pine and other wood types on request)
Panel Build up 3, 5, 7 or more layers depending on static requirements
Lamellae Thickness 20 to 45 mm, technically dried, quality-sorted and finger-jointed
Strenght Class C 24 according to EN 338, maximum 10% C 16 permitted (compare ETA-06/0138)
Adhesive Formaldehyde-free PUR adhesive, approved for load-bearing and non-load-bearing components indoors and outdoors according to EN 15425
Laminating Pressure At least 0.6 N/mm²
Wood Moisture Content 12% (+/- 2%) on delivery
Maximum Element Dimensions Length 16.50 m / width 2.95 m / thickness 0.50 m
Produced Widths 2.40 / 2.50 / 2.73 / 2.95 m
Surface quality Non-visual quality (NVQ) | Industrial visual quality (IVQ) | Domestic visual quality (DVQ)
Special surfaces on request
Weight 5.5 kN/m³ according to ÖNORM B 1991-1-1:2011 for structural analysis
500 kg/m³ for determination of transport weight
Moisture movement In panel plane 0.01% per % change in wood moisture content, perpendicular to panel plane (panel thickness direction)
0.24% per % change in wood moisture content
Thermal Conductivity λ = 0.12 W/(m*K) according to EN ISO 10456
Heat Storage Capacity cp = 1600 J/(kg*K) according to EN ISO 10456
Vapour Resistance µ = 20 to 50 according to EN ISO 10456
Air Tightness KLH® solid wood panels can generally be used as airtight layers.
Connections to other components, butt joints, penetrations, etc. must be sealed appropriately.
Reaction to fire Euro class D-s2, d0
Resistance to Fire According to ETA - 06/0138