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KLH solid cross-laminated timber boards are offered in 3 standard surface qualities. Special surfaces are possible on request and depending on availability and technical feasibility.
Non visible quality (NVQ)
This quality is exclusively recommended for non-visible components, planked from both sides. Spruce laminates of strength class C 24 and in low proportions C 16 according to approval are used for the production of boards in non‐visible quality.
Domestic visible quality (DVQ)
Living space quality boards are either glued laminated block-boards at customary widths of 1.25 m or glued finger-jointed laminates of AB quality. As a standard, the face side of this board is in living space quality – boards in living space quality on both sides can be produced on request.
Industrial visible quality (IVQ)
As a standard, this quality is executed in a one-sided manner. A double-sided version of this surface is available on request. This quality is suitable for industrial surfaces, but not for visible surfaces in living areas. One-sidedly sorted spruce laminates of B quality are used, in some cases finger-jointed.
Special surfaces (S)
Other kinds of timber like Scots pine, Douglas fir, Swiss stone pine, fir and other surfaces on request and depending on availability of the raw laminates. Additional we offer various cotings and other surface treatments, if the customer wishes.


  A B C
Wood type mixture not permitted not permitted; in case of spruce, 10% fir permit ted permitted
Appearance and colour well-balanced colour and texture largely balanced colour and texture no specifications
Knots and black knots healthy, intergrown knots in spruce up to 40mm diameter permitted; individual black knots permitted healthy, intergrown knots and individual black knots permitted permitted
Plugs permitted permitted permitted
Resin pockets occasional, up to 3mm x 40mm permitted occasional, up to 5mm x 60mm permitted permitted
Repaired resin pockets permitted permitted permitted
Bark pockets not permitted occasional pockets permitted permitted
Cracks occasional surface cracks permitted occasional cracks permitted occasional cracks permitted
Pith occasional piths up to a length of 400 mm permit ted permitted permitted permitted
Compression wood occasional occurrences permitted permitted permitted
Insect infestation not permitted not permitted occasional small holes of non-active larvae permitted
Discolouration (blue/brown stain)) not permitted slight discolouration permitted permitted
Decay not permitted not permitted not permitted
Sapwood permitted in pine and larch, narrow strips up to 20% of lamella width permitted permitted permitted
Quality of surface finishg occasional small faults permit ted occasional faults permitted no specifications
Surface post-processing permitted permitted permitted