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The crossways arrangement of the longitudinal and crosswise laminates reduces the swelling and shrinkage in the board plane to an insignificant minimum and static strength and shape retention increase considerably. In order to rule out any damaging pest, fungus and insect attacks, in compliance with the European Technical Assessment, only technically dried wood with a wood moisture of 12 % (+/-2 %) is used to produce KLH solid cross-laminated timber boards. Any timber laminates are subjected to quality control before their use.
certified raw material
formaldehyde-free gluing
external quality checks
state-of-the-art CNC cutting


Gluing takes place using solvent and formaldehyde-free PUR adhesives in accordance with EN 15425. All adhesives used have been tested in accordance with EN 301 / EN 302, DIN 68141, EN 15425 / EN 15416 and EN 14080, Annex C. The adhesives are classified as TYPE 1 adhesives and are approved to be used for the production of structural timber building components in accordance with EN 14080, EN 386 and EN 385. They are approved for the bonding of structural timber building components in accordance with DIN 1052 and Eurocode 5.
In the factory, the glue is applied automatically over the entire surface – the percentage of adhesive on KLH solid timber boards is 0.2 kg/m² per glue joint. A very high-quality level of adhesion is achieved as a result of the high press force of 6 kg/cm². The press force used to produce KLH solid timber boards is 6 times higher than that used for comparable products manufactured by means of vacuum technology.

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CNC - Cutting

Factory cutting or beaming takes place using state-of-the-art CNC-technology. The basis for that form the production and cutting plans released by the client or the executing company, respectively. The cutting accuracy lies in the area of the tolerances in building construction – acc. to DIN 18203/part 3 for wall, floor, ceiling and roof panels made of timber materials. An accuracy of +/- 2mm for standard panels with standard trimming can be assumed for elements > 1m² and a moisture content of 12%. On request and with the appropriate equipment, the boards can also be cut by the relevant construction company.